hey i just started a band with my brothers and a couple of friends. my brothers and i just got our instruments last christmas and we've started our band like february.

Singer -has a load of lyrics and such

Lead Guitar (me) played bass for a year before playing guitar. I have been playing nonstop, since xmas tho. i know like a couple of songs. i've been at rhythm for awhile, know mostly power-chords but i wanna tackle those that use about 4 or 5 strings. but now with my lead techneques, i've been at tremolo picking since when i was a bassist, and i'm pretty good at sweep picking. my solo playing is very "ok" but i'm having some trouble in making any good harmonized riffs. i can make some good rhythm parts tho. i have a bunch of tabs down but mostly rhythm and "ok" lead sweeps and such.

Rhythm guitarist -dinks around with his guitar sometimes but doesnt even know powerchords yet.

Bassist- doesnt know his instrument. the tabs down for him are mostly in root notes, but i compensate with a simple bass solo in the bridge or so.

Drums -practices his drums sometimes

I'm thinking of just making most of our practice time teaching the both of my guitarists. any advice, on how to work with my members, on lead solos/harmony/etc., managing, etc.
sounds like you and the singer need to get some real members
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well i showed him in DROP-D even!! his fingers just arent used to an instrument. and the kid's 12, he has an attention span of a broomstick.
Sounds like you need to find some people your age, and your exact level so you can progress together. this lot sound totally incompetent to be playing with you, and you sound adept but not the standard necessary for a lot of things.
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yea, you need much better band members. if youre as good as you say you are, then the other members are pulling you back. but if youre goal is just to jam, i guess you can have patience and play some easy covers at first and hope the other band member improve. but f your goal is to eventually start gigging, i think its time to go on a musician search.