So, I've had my 6505 for a while now, and I must say, I've enjoyed it a great deal—and still do . . . I think it's served me quite well as a decent version of a poor man's Soldano SLO. Certainly not as pretty or as defined, but, I really do think it has a bit of that Soldano-ish "growl," which I really like. Also, I actually REALLY like the "fizz" and "buzz" I get outta the 6505 (which you don't get from the Soldano—'course others out there think that's a good thing).

But, you know how it is . . . after a while, you just want . . . something more. So, for some months, I kept going to Guitar Center just to play their SLOs. And, of course, I totally fall in love with them. Hmmm. Expensive amp. Very expensive. Then, I looked into the Avenger, then the HotRod 50+, then the Astroverb. Guess I was just looking for a cheaper way to get into a SLO.

Then . . .

One day I go to Guitar Center, and sitting there, is a never-before-seen or played-by-me, brand new, Framus Cobra sitting atop a Divided by Thirteeen 4x12 cab. WOW! OMFG! I thought I was in heaven. I didn't even give the SLO a passing glance anymore when walking through Guitar Center. I then start playing the Cobra everytime I'm in there. Sh*t. After playing THAT, I knew I NEEDED both a SLO and a Cobra. Mesa-ish tone from the Soldano, and buzzy, thumpy, "wall of sound," from the Cobra. Crap. TWO, majorly, expensive-ass amps? What am I, f*ckin' nuts? That's a LOT of money.

Then . . .

I realized, what I really needed/wanted was a low-Wattage amp for recording. Low Watts. Great tone. Hmmm . . . not too many low-Wattage amps out there. Then, Riffhog mentions something about the Mojave Coyote it to me in an earlier thread, but at the time, it was kinda over my head. Now, I've doing a bit of reading up on the Coyote (since my recent "low-Wattage" revelation), and I'm like . . . whoa! This 12-Watt to 1-Watt Mojave "Power Dampening" deal looks REAL f*ckin' interesting . . .

Lemme see here . . . I like the Mesa-ish, growly tone of the Soldano SLO, but, I also like that thick, chest-thumping, buzz of the Framus Cobra. But, I DON'T want or need a million Watts. What I REALLY need is 1-12 Watts.

Mojave Coyote, right?
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