i might be gettin a low watt tube amp(5-30 watts)i've heard that tube screamers are real good but what other overdrive/distortion pedals are good? and with that samll of a tube amp does it affect it like a larger amp?
the marshall BB-2 is always good, i have one, and like it alot. I dunno about the last bit
30 watts isn't a "low wattage" tube amp

Check out things like the Digitech Bad Monkey, Boss BD-2/SD-1/OD-3 (actually boss make a lot of overdrives, although a lot of people say boss sucks), Danelectro Daddy-o (anti-danelectro bandwagon are probably gonna flame me for recommending that too), or if you're not on so much of a budget, check out brands like MXR, Fulltone, I think even Seymour-Duncan make some overdrive pedals... There are lots out there.

I'd also recommend the Marshall Bluesbreaker (BB-2), it's kinda like 2 in 1, it has the standard overdrive function as you'd expect, but it also has a clean boost function.

You could also try a Marshall Jackhammer, this is what i use as an overdrive (Beware the distortion mode though, it has aids). It's a very high-gain pedal, but if you don't play high-gain stuff its still useful as a classic rock/blues overdrive if you turn the gain and volume down to about 10 o'clock and turn the contour to 0.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I got a BBE Green Screamer and I'm lovin' it. I mainly use it as a boost over my dirty channel.
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i just got my bad monkey friday and i love it. Using it with my v8, it sounds great.
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Has anyone got any clips of a TS9 being used on an Epi VJ? I'm going to America next week, and the TS9 over there is only a little bit more expensive than the Bad Monkey is here.
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