So i'm planning on building myself 2 2x12 cabinets. Now its for an Orange AD30HTC head. I'm either gunna put G12k or whatever its called (the 100 watt celestion in the high powered Orange cabs) or Greenback, perhaps both. Now i'm fine for measurments etc, my question is more wood. What is the BEST tone wood for cabinets, i really dont care about cost as it'd cost me $2000 to buy a cabinet i want in Aus anyway and i dont care about weight as i'm relatively strong. Would it still be something like Birch Ply or would it be maybe a nice Mahagony?

Just so you know i want a warm/bassy sound, with pronouced mids and smooth treble.

Thanks in Advance:-)
I know that orange use 15 ply plywood in their cabs, and most cabs i have seen use ply for the casing, birch ply is always good
Any sort of ply will work beautifully for what you want. I'd suggest 1/2" for the sides and 3/4" for the front baffle - good balance between rigidity and weight.
Stick away from MDF or particleboard - MDF works well for subwoofer boxes but not for guitar applications.
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Birch plywood is the best plywood for a tone wood. But nothing will beat pine, cedar, or spruce lumber. pine is ideal, but those 3 woods vibrate more than any others. transfer of sound is excellent, especially with an open-back.