Duncan Designed Detonator Humbucking Pickup
Neck pickup: Duncan Designed Detonator Humbucking Pickup
Controls: master volume, master tone
Bridge: Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Low Profile JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo

i dont think it is
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its worth saving up for the wrmg, that one isnt that good in my opinion, i was in your situation and i got a jackson ke 3 and i have never regretted, enough distortion for all you need and the the cleans are amazing (thinks of welcome home saniterium)
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save for wrmg it has real emgs and a better floyd.
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For it's price it's as solid as anything in the range. I do dislike the tremolo, but it will probably last a bit longer than your Edge III. I think you should just get a used WRMG though. Better woods, better fit and finish, better hardware, and better pickups. The Finish quality on the Xs don't really knock me over anyway