My MAG has both input and output knobs both of which effect the volume, the input has a gauge I've been told that if it is contantly going in the red area it is damaging my speaker I can move the input about half way before it starts getting near the red.

My question is If I wanted to make the fairly loud how should I set up the dials? I can just crank up the output and leave the input low and it is still loud but I'm guessing thats not the best way of doing it. Also can I still damage the speakers even with a low input and high output?

The input knob controls the strength of the signal going into the pre-amp, generally this should be set up so the needle dances around the edge of the red area, if you put this up too high, the pre-amp will clip and your signal will distort (you don't want this in a solid state amp).

The output is a bit like your master volume, set your input volume up (when doing this, another thing to remember is that your EQ will affect the reading on the VU meter, if you turn the bass knob up, the preamp is more likely to clip), then use your output volume to get your desired volume.

You will only damage the speakers if the signal is more powerful than what the cab can handle, and lots of extreme volume spikes don't do speakers much good so I wouldn't turn your volume up too much.

One last thing to remember though is that putting the input knob in different positions will give you different sounds, so if you're not happy with the standard way of setting it up, fiddle about with it a bit until you find the sound you like.
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