yesterday i picked up a blackstar ht-ds1 valve pedal. i played a pedalboard (literal) of mostly boutique pedals and found that of all it was my fav. most of the other dirtboxes were catalinbread and mi audio. there were some particularly nice ones other than the blackstar ds1 like the catalinbread supercharged overdrive or the mi audio tube zone. the blackstar however was my favourite.

i dont hear much about it here which is strange because its not like its uncommon. well at least in australia. its in pretty much every second half decent shop.

any other people here found that they like blackstar pedals?
I have a HT-DUAL, but I have a footswitch problem (the CH1 button's unresponsive). no_thing101, do you have a footswitch problem/have you had one as well?
lol no i got mine yesterday. i have played them many times before though. never had any problems with it. the warranty looks a bit dodgy though.