Hi. I have a Blackstar HT-DUAL, which is a valve-based distortion pedal. I am using it through a Roland Cube 30X's clean channel, which produces a good tone. However, sometimes I think this tone could be so much more if I were to upgrade to a small valve combo amp such as the Laney LC15. I have a few questions:

1) How much better would the tone be if I used a valve amp with the HT-DUAL?
2) Is it worth upgrading to a tube amp (will the difference in sound be big enough)?
3) Are pedals supposed to sound good through the Cube's clean channel?

Thanks UG!
i have the HT dual and its amazing, i play it through an orange tiny terror (which is a class a valve amp, and it makes it sound so much better and more versatile, i've tried it through a little MG and it didnt sound that good. Most of the sound comes from the amp and valve amps are louder, smoother and fuller sounding, and sound better when you turn them up instead of worse, if you want a really good, natural sound thats probably the way to go.
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Yes a valve amplifier will really bring the pedal to its max, the majority of the tone in a valve amplifer comes from the power amp, not the preamp, which is what that pedal is. Buy an Epiphone valve Standard or special. Its a pretty decent tube amp with good tone for pretty cheap, in my opinion. Using a SS Amp with a high quality pedal like that is holding you back.
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Thanks for the replies! I think I'll be looking for a tube combo then...
By the way, can the Laney LC15/LC15R produce a modern tone or is it more of a vintage-sounding amp?