hello there

ive recently upgraded my computer system in order to make it sufficient for recording purposes. however when i finally got around to making some recordings ive found that a flicky/clicking noise finds its way into all my tracks. the noise only appears while there is some level of output and appears to increase in volume with the volume of the recording.

im recording using the usb output on a wharfedale pro spx613 powered mixer straight into a standard usb input. A system that never failed me on the old computer. ive tried several different programs and combinations of sample rates and buffer size but im afraid my knoledge is limited in this area.

any guidance would be much appreciated
What did you change in the PC upgrade?

Be sure to disable any wireless and unplug any unused USB devices from the PC. Don't use any USB hubs either as they can mess with some interfaces.

It could just be that your hardware isn't mixing right and you may need to upgrade to a new interface like the M-Audio Delta 1010 or PreSonus FireStudio.
Sorry for being a little vague, when i said upgrade i meant an entire new computer. The old one wasnt worth keeping.
im actually considering purchasing a presonus firestudio at the moment but am concerned that i might end up with the same problem. is this likely?

i dont really know much about computers but im wondering if perhaps the larger amounts of power running around is affecting the signal. im using a quad core processor and im thinkin it draws a lot more than the old comp. the computer also has 4 ghz ram and 500Gb of memory if thats any help. my other thought was perhaps that using windows vista ultimate X64 bit was causing the problem. But as i said i know little about help is these things. so help is very welcome.

i have also unplugged all of the other usb inputs and wireless devices with no success

any other suggestions?
Well, with a spec like that, the problem shouldn't be to do with the computers performance as that is a great spec for recording. Are you sure it's not something really simple, like a dodgy connection or cable?
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ive tried replacement cables between the mixer and the computer. But my reasons for thinking the problem lies in the computer is that the set up still works on my old computer.
Have researched possible driver issues on Vista?
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