hey guys. my band is playing at a battle of the bands in a week or two. weve played alot of gigs, but this is our first battle of the bands. theres a first, second and third place prize, so were all pretty pumped. how are these things usually won? have any of you played at a battle of the bands and have stories to tell?
move lots, put on a good show and make it interesting
if you just stand in one place and don't do anything the audience will get bored

and play good songs
Rockin' shit
Always get the crowd involved. and always be prepared to handle equipment breakdowns. At BOTBs, it's much harder to get someone to lend you a guitar when you break your b string 5 minutes into a 40 minute set

Make sure you look like you're enjoying yourself, so that your crowd eases up gets more into it.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Don't worry if you don't win, a lot of these things are rigged so that the Indie (or whatever is currently cool) bands get through and anyone else gets fobbed off.

My band played one where we clearly got more votes than every other band bar one. Yet somehow, when they read out the list we were last. We left without paying the booking fee.


But yeah, don't get hyped up about it, these battles rarely lead anywhere, just see it as a gig and play your best and you'll probably convert a few people. Bringing merch to sell is also good.
as it stands, its us (rock/blues trio) versus a few ****ty teenage punk bands, and one or two semi popular alternative rock bands.