hey am just at that stage where my playing is starting to speed up slightly,and can now move up to some faster riffs to learn. I'm just wondering if anyone knows any solos from some songs that i can learn which are fast and sound good and are moderatley difficult to play.

any sugestion will be greatly apprieciated
Fade to black by Metallica? It's what I'm currently learning (the main solo, I know the intro one) and that has a few good fast runs. If that's too hard though, try something off the black album (also by Metallica), those solos tend to be easier. Esp. Nothing else Matters + Unforgiven.
personally i love the second solo in Universal Mind by Liquid Tension Experiment, definately check it out.
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I don't know what your skill level is so I'm just going to throw some songs that I learned the solo's to when I was in the same situation.

Bark at the Moon, Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley: Ozzy Osbourne
Symphony of Destruction, Tornado of Souls, A Tout le Monde: Megadeth
Rock You Like a Hurricane: Scorpions
Walk: Pantera