Sunday nights, I cant get a laugh
staring at the screen, my face is dull and dry like the desert
Entertainment from 'maginations
the stuff seems so real

The guitar and I keeps playing
The same damn song
playing, plucking, starts it all again
repeating out of boredom

Illusion isn't an oject so as illustrations and motions
Fcuk the squirrels keep eating all the nuts
objects, madness, squirrels?
the random opaque lyrics, in my head,
means nothing of contribution I'm just..
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i'm a superstar
The idea is great, making a song about boredom.

But maybe you shouldn't write it when you're bored. It seems like you started out on something great
and from there just wanted it to be finished. Try to read it throug a fith time and rewrite the parts that don't make so much sense to you

A great way to start is making a tree of what boredom is, and just read each stanza through and see if it fits.

Great idea, just need a little more time