i play bass in a band and we mainly play punk type of music and i was wondering: if i wanted to make a riff that is different than the guitars riff, is there any certain scale i should use? if you don't really understand what im saying that look at some anti-flag rancid and even guns n roses basslines that are different than the guitar riff. is there any certain scales they used?
whatever key the song is in...that scale
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Anti-flag is always just major and minor, I'm pretty sure rancid is the same.
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minor and major pentatonic scales are a favourite among punk bands, mostly minor though. at the end of the day you just gotta apply your knowledge of bass to the job in hand and find what works. theres nothing saying a locrian mode and m7b5 chords can't be used in punk

taken from the last punk basslines thread
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use tes key of the song
for example if your a playing a C progresion use C major escale
or if your playing in Am use A minor scales
is really simple
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