i havent ventured into the pit for years now. perhaps things have changed and i might now get an intelligent response..

ok so as the title suggests im just looking for music-related books, of any kind really - biographies, autobiographies, fiction, information, whatever.

anyone have any good ones?
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Go for a real book
im not saying i dont read, im just saying id like a book concerning music this time.
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Go for a real book

Plenty of books classed as real literature have music as a key or at least an additional theme.
try guitar man and song man. they are both really good, about a guys attempt to learn a guitar and then his attempt to write and record a song,
i read them last week and thought they were great really funny.
It's the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, I think he had "help" though.
Go for a real book

He means The Real Book, which is full of music for all kinds of jazz standards.
If you like Mastodon, go read Moby Dick, it was the influence for the whole Leviathan album. It's also a great book.
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Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk Rock, it's the best music related book there is.
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"This is Your Brain on Music," it kinda scientifically explains why music is what it is... its actually really interesting, with a lot of stuff you normally wouldn't think about.
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Shostakovitch, a life remembered:

Mozarts Life, Mozart's Letters:

The Inner Game of Tennis:
Yes, I know it's the Inner Game of Tennis, but almost everything in the book can be applied to guitar, and music. There is also a The Inner Game of Music, which is not nearly as good.