I have SOLID evidence that GREEN DAY , THE NETWORK and FOXBORO HOT TUBs are one and the same.....

here are pictures proving that the network and foxboro hot tubs are related...

the both have the SAME evil goat symbol thing ...

and here

and now here is proof that GREEN DAY and the net work are related... they both use the same website to sell shirts....

notice the web address

LOOK AT THAT! solid evidence!!!

and btw i tik foxboro hot tubs kicks ass... i love their new song ... pedestrian
which can be heard here

edit: i know the t-shirt thing is lame... but dont you think its more than a coincidence for two bands that are supposed to have the same members sell their stuff on the same site? anyway we all know that the network is on the music label owned by billie-joe from green day
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Everyone knew anyway. His voice gives it away big time, plus the music is similar.
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They sell Andrew WK merchandise on that site too.


Andrew WK and Kid Rock are the same person!

i knew people would say that but ....well it is a coincidence
OMGZ, Led zeppelin and A7X sell band shirts on the same site!! Jimmy Page=Synyster Gates!!!1!

The Network/Foxboro connection is pretty intresting. But the same site is merely coincidence.

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i know there has been article about this ... but until now NO solid evidence ...
Dude, seriously? c'mon, who didn't know that?

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