I always find that whenever I play guitar, the thumb on my left hand (behind the neck) aches after a short time of playing. When I first started (about a year or so ago) I assumed it was because I was new to the instrument, and that it would go away (just like the pains on the tips of fingers). One slight problem though. It hasn't.
I just noticed it now while practicing some scales, and thought I'd make a thread about it to see if anyone else has similar problems, whether it's something to just get used to, or whether it's because I'm holding my guitar strangely. As far as I know, I am holding it correctly (well, like you would hold a classical guitar).

Also, I sometimes find that sliding my hand about the neck is difficult because of the friction from my thumb. Should I be taking my thumb off the back of the neck to slide my hand about, or is it because my thumb is too sweaty or something?

The only problem i have with my thumb is that it gets cold.
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carpal tunnel? crappy tendins in your thumb perhaps? how old are you could be that you gettin old : / try stretching alot before you start playing like a serious of scales that stretch your hand.
Same problem here man, but in my case it's the guitars fault, I don't have the same problem on other guitars.
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