oh i know this question was asked once or more but the were not in my situation (the guys who asked em)

Here is a sick idea.. (if ya don wanna read this part than read the 2nd part)

Ok now my granma have got a flat on the 3rd floor…
Hmm.. it got a balcony to the street… so hell I thought y not to play on the balcony??? Loads of people will heart us… haha
So I thought about playin some of our songs… but also playin some covers…

Part 2

So we have a classic guitar with mic on it… hmm an electric guitar… an amp for my electric… and a wah…
Amp have got a distortion on it btw…
So we need some cool songs for two guitars… (With clean guitars or at least one with distortion and wah)
We’ll get also some speakers… and another amp (not right for guitars)… oh also I thought about plugging two guitars to the same amp with mixer to get distortion for both but it’ll sound bad I think… hmm…
So any good songs for us??? Not so hard but also not as easy… hmm we like classic rock: Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath Deep Purple Eric Clapton and Cream Santana Beatles … also we like Nirvana GNR Joe Satriani HIM Metallica and uumm Ac/Dc…

So please guys help us out
We really need yr help

Btrw I thought about some songs like Hey you – PF Another Brick in the wall part 2, Get back – Beatles, the Man who sold the world - Nirvana
Immortality by Pearl Jam is kind off in between Nirvana and Gun's N Roses.
Come Together By the Beatles.
All Apologies by Nirvana
Stairway to heaven By Led Zepplin is a must.

Then theirs always the Spinal Tap soundtrack...
pink floyd- mother, could even try Another Brick in the wall 2, time, some songs of final cut,comfortably numb
layla by clapton and beatles songs are fun so anyone you know
this should do by now
and btw you in no other situation then other people who asked for songs to play
Dream by Quo Vadis
You can get the tabs in power tab format here in UG. All the song is played with acoustic or clean sound, except for the solo, which is played with distortion. I think this song is really nice to play and to hear.

I think your idea is really nice. But if you play too much, it can get very annoying for the neighbors, so be sure you have a pretty wide variety of songs. Good luck!
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wish you were here by pink floyd. You know the classical guitar can do the intro and you can do the lead riff with the wah, that would sound pretty nice.
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