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So, what inspires this topic is the fact I just got back from Washington DC with the orchestra(which my girlfriend and I are in). While we were there we made out in the National Archives (the building where they have the Declaration of Independence and stuff like that) and the Air and Space Museum, while both were open.

Any one else have any weird places you've made out in?
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A concert?...Not that crazy Or the back of my old suv in a chinese food place parking lot. lol
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Seriously...the weirdest place I've made out would be <i>under</i> my bed
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With my head down a toilet.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
At the center of the Earth. It was extra hot.
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...on yer mam?

no but fo serious I guess on a roller coaster.
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At a church.

I did that too last week. lol
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If I was Santa you'd all get shit for Christmas.
In the tents at the bass pro shop
jpast wrote:

He wishes he was in the minority. Nothing like making out with guys to stick it to the man. (Pun intended)
In the middle of my highschools field at the middle of the night, twas my first time too ahh good memories.
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At the park

With a Picnic table
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In someones closet that actually had a bed in it.

I don't understand why a bed would be in a closet but whatever.
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in my mind
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^ wut he said

i made out behind a drumset once... no kidding, my buddy who plays drums brought his set to our regular hangout one day. and me and my girlfriend kinda just hid behind it and made out.
oh and theres always my closet... dont ask.
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Uhm, not weird at all, but I made out on some sort of a small balcony, leaning against the railwork. It was nice.
In a Borders?

either that or In a parking lot of a random restaurant, outside of the car.

THere were like... people driving and walking by, just staring.
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A friend had some battle of the bands type thing and after the bands we made some hippie circle in his yard and some guys played acoustics and my girlfriend and I were laying a few feet outside the circle making out. Everyone kept throwing stuff at us, you all know they were jealous.
my girlfriend's little brother's room
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God I love the Air & Space Museum. I hope you enjoy getting watched by security cameras though.
Soccer pitch..... just weird.
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On a friends front doorstep whilst I was lying down, in a play park with three ten year old boys staring, on a friends front wall. All in the same night.
Then again on the same friends wall, infront of my girlfriends mum and about six other friends.
And they were all girl on girl
Hey Meg.
Proud of you.
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God I love the Air & Space Museum. I hope you enjoy getting watched by security cameras though.

Ahh! I just thought of that. Too late now. =P

PS Also made out on a bus full of people.
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If I was Santa you'd all get shit for Christmas.
in the toilets at a zoo, we nearly did it there too

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i dont consider any of them that weird.
i'd say public hospital bathroom is probably the weirdest though.
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yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
In a dried up creek. Also, theres a garden supply center near my house. They don't have a bathroom, but they have this little trailer that they use as one. I did it there too.
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A retreat at school... during some bull**** activity... in front of my excessively dykey gym teacher... while she was talking about STDs. Top that, motherf***ahs!
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In the back of a bus, it was dark and there were two teachers and a pretty small bus, quite exciting
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