The thing from guitar world is it believable?
i've been trying by myself for maybe a month to teach myself by just tabbing random stuff but i've got maybe 5 chords right?
and if it isn't what's a better way to teach myself?
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you cant teach yourself the Perfect Pitch.. u either have it or u dont..

u can teach yourself some thing else.. cant remember wat its called... but its close to the Perfect Pitch.
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you can teach yourself relative pitch i think.

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you can teach yourself relative pitch i think.

correct. i've come close to relative pitch. i can usually get notes right if i start on E or C. if im sick though forget it.
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Quote by an epic mistake
you can teach yourself relative pitch i think.

thats wat its called
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Carmel is hawt
There is no such thing as perfect pitch. A person can come very close to the desired pitch but due to so many intricate calculations in regards to sound waves and the relative of a pitch to another, is impossible to have it 'perfect'. If you want to be able to train your ear you should start doing things like these: play any note (doesn't matter which) with your instrument and try singing it, then later come back to your instrument and sing the note then play it to check how close you get, repeat the process everyday a few times a day even just once a day until you can get very close. Another thing you can do is with intervals, play two notes and try to figure out how many half-steps are between them; start out with notes that are maybe 1-3 half-steps away from each other and without looking at the instrument play one note then the other and using your ear figure out how many half-steps there are. Try this stuff everyday for a few minutes, then try it harder as you progress.

Hope that helps!
i have between relative and perfect pitch. I know that the bell that rings to dismiss classes at my school is an E and it's slightly sharper than what would be in standard A - 440, but I can't always name a pitch when it's played to me.

a friend of mine who graduated last year has PERFECT perfect pitch. i love quizzing him by playing random notes on a guitar, and he gets every single one correct