ok so ive been practising my barre chords and they all come out fine except for the minor chords rooted on the E-string.

for some reason i cannot get the g-string to sound no matter where i place my first finger over the neck. i thought it might be something to do with my knuckes but now i am not so sure.
has anyone else had this problem and how did they solve it?
you meen no sound at all?
you prabobly have the string to low depending on the type of guitar you have that happened to my with my les paul on the high e sstring when i first started out
could prabobly happen to the low e string as well so just see if its touching your pickup if it is make your bridge higher so the string is higher and then your fine
maybe your pinky (assuming you put it on the D string) is touching your G, its a thought.
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It'll be one of the grooves in your finger. If the string is resting in that groove then it'll get muted, you just need to move your finger up / down a bit until all notes sound.
That used to happen to me, but it just... stopped. Keep practicing
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