i found that whenever i play low on the neck near the first and third frets and play power chords or sumthing, the area between my thumb and index finger on my fretting hand starts to hurt and i have to stop and stretch it out, is this bad and is there anyway to prevent this? please reply thanks
well you shouldn't have to press that hard, you must be as relaxed as possible but if you are new to guitar that could happend. Take it easy and rest if it hurts
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If it hurts it's not good - I've had that once or twice before but it always went after a while; I haven't had it in ages. To be honest, I think the problem is probably that your hand is simply sore, especially if you play a lot. But if the problem persists, I'd go see a doctor. Better safe than sorry!

I asked this same question here about 3 years ago . Nah it isnt bad and there really is no way to prevent it. Eventually it will stop hurting, and it may take awhile, but there is no harm.
i've been playing for a very long time, and the same thing still happens to me occasionally. The problem at hand (pun) here is that most of your guitar playing (most likely) is done with a more baseball-bat type grip on the neck, with your wrist more straight or bent back.
When you play power chords or barre chords, you're forced to bend your wrist forward and keep your fingers straight, this places your thumb on the back of the neck rather than above it to appose your barring index finger, which puts a whole lot of stress or the muscles between your thumb and index finger.

...wow that came out really long-winded. anyways, one solution is playing barre chords the "hendrix way" with your thumb over the top to fret notes on the low E string. Another is to simply avoid long passages of barre chords in your playing, which aren't essential anyways
^^hmm, nice in-depth response. Just want to add again that it's not a problem so the TS doesn't have to worry...and you're stopping and stretching so it's even less of a problem and won't lead to injury.
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