i was just wonderin if i would b considered an intermediate player
playin 4 a few months and selftaught

i can play
-nothin else matters by Metallica
One by Metallica
Sweet Child o Mine
Classical Gas
Tears in Heaven
Injection,Ready to fall, and other Rise Against

im learning scales and i can tune by ear
would i be considered intermediate?
it all depends on how you can play really not that you can play that song, like take sweet child o mine, you can play it, but are you choppy do you have to stare at the fretboard, does it sound good, its all about how you play the song, not that you can play it.
i can play **** loads fo songs nd been playin over a year but i doesnt make me good id still say i was a beginnerish, i think you have to really know your way around the guitar to be intermediate start improvising then youll know.
it depends entirely on how you play what you play.

sounds like you should play more and worry about your "level of playing" less
once you get to a certain point you'll realize that you're pretty much stuck being an intermediate player for your life since no matter how good you get theres always more to learn
I would still say you're beginner but there is really noone who can judge another player and I agree with what is said above!
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It depends what you mean "I can play". Can you just play the clean intro of One? Can you play it the whole way through (solo included)? After just a few months I seriously doubt it...

Do you play all of Sweet Child O' Mine? Or just that famous intro riff?

It really depends on your answers...
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