Hey guys everyday I practicie i seem to find my self noodling around more and more. Usually i start with the 1-2-3-4 exercise (I think you know what im talking about) then move to Blues and Pentatonic Scales in Am. I play a chord progression with A E G D C Major and then preety much just play songs after that. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could work on and make my schedule more organized. I ususally only have time for 1 1/2 hours of practice due to school and sports. If you could list what you usually do and for how long it would be a great help.

Thats a good practice scheldule for someone just starting out but I have some questions, How long have you been playing? What songs have you been playing? and Is there anyway you can add more time to your practice schedule?
I don't personally have a practice regime, but it is good to practice techinal exercises and learn new songs. I would reccomend you start with some techinal exercises as a warm up, getting progressively harder, then learn some scales, then devote some time time to learning a song. Finally , you should work on your creativity by trying to write your own stuff.
Ive been playing for close to 2 months now. I can play Like a stone by audioslave. Riff out off blackdog. Most of Killing in the name and a simpler version of the zephyr song by RHCP. A few other riffs ive been working on and One by metallica the opening intro and am trying to do the solo at the start that may be over my head but its fun to try. I could possibly fit in 2 hours a day weekdays and i play around hours on the weekends.
it might be a good idea to download some backing tracks ( they're not hard to find on the internet) and practice soloing over them. or you could venture outside your box into different genre's of music. for me fingerstyle songs always provide some good inspiration. for instance, "baby please don't go" by big joe williams might be a good one, its not really too difficult but playing it up to speed can be.
Well, first you need to set your priorities. If you're really into shred and all that, you might want to focus more on sweep exercises and shred scales (Major, Harmonic Minor, etc.). If your main priority is blues, you might want to work on the blues scale and pentatonic, then work with some vibrato, pulloff & hammer-on, and sliding exercises. You just need to decide what you want to do musically, and focus on that area. Learning new songs helps tremendously, and when you hear a good lick from a song that you like, figure out everything you can about it, and learn it in every key so you can make it your own. Really helps for improv.
It's just whatever, most of the time.


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Does rock and blues fall under the same idea. Im really interested in rock do should I just start looking for blues exercises and that will work for rock?
I would reccomend speed mechanics for lead guitar by troy stetina and the guide on scales that he does.