anyone listen to him?

i saw him last night. he opened for Explosions in the Sky, and completely blew me away.
i saw him last week when i saw explosions in the sky at the wiltern, he was insane. i was shocked when he started making forest noises at the beginning of his set.

afterwards a stayed around a little while and met him, he seemed pretty nice.
Lichens is interesting stuff. I've not got any of his own stuff but I do have a collaboration record of him and White/Light called White Lichens.

It's really good.
I downloaded a few of his records when I saw that he would be opening for Explosions at the show near me. It's interesting, to say the least. Maybe too ambient, but I'm still looking forward to his live show.
i was in awe his entire set.

he started out making bird calls, looping them, and pitch-shifting them, and it soon turned into a soundscape the size of the Grand Canyon.

30 minutes of pure happy.