how do you make your guitar scream? not like the hendrix kind, but the metal ind thats all like "BOWWOW!!" and it sounds sorta like a harmonic
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Google Pinch harmonics
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pinch harmonics n bend?or mayb harmonic with a whammy movement like dimebag
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Either pinch harmonics or squealies....
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and theres a video by Christopher Dahl here on UG showing how to do it, just go to the lessons section.
Or, I just thought, do you mean the dimebag style thing where they drop their whammy bar?
Just drop the whammy bar, keep it held down, hit a harmonic and pull it up
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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

to do a pinched harmonic, pick a note with the pick and then follow through so that the flesh of your thumb (but not too much) hits the string too, a split second after your pick hits it.

for the best results try picking the 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th or 14th frets on the treble strings. you can do it on any fret, but the above frets are probably the easiest.
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What I want to try is using a Whammy pedal to get that kind of effect. As in adjust it to 2 octaves up, and spazz out on the pedal while holding a normal note. It would probably have a similar effect.
yeah u could do it with a whammy pedal (not sure if thats what its called), i think dimebag used it some places.
Pinch harmonic is one way. Move your thumb down on the pick so a bit hits the string, and find the right spot by messing around with it.

I'm not sure, but you might be talking about using the whammy bar. Just hit a string, push it all the way down, and hit your finger quickly on a fret with a natural harmonic. Then you can just bring the bar back up.