A while back a friend used a program for a project that spoke what you typed and it sounded just like that guy in the wheel chair Stephen Hawking, the robotic sounding voice. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that did this.
Stickies, it's on Macs. Their only good feature.
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Anything for windows? I dont think my friend has a mac, and I cant seem to contact him.
windows= start > settings > control panel > sounds > text to speech

not sure about the last two, but there's something like that in control panel

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AT&T TTS google it
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if you have windows XP. Go to control panel. use the regular menu not the category thing. then there is a icon with the name "spech" maybe. open it up and select the other page that is avalible. there you see a text- "You have selected Microsoft Sam as the computer's default voice." you may there change the voice between three different and listen to whatever you write in the box.
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I have vista and it only comes with one voice - Anna, but im looking to use the funnier Sam voice, so how do i get that
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aw man that would be awesome to have!

i you have windows XP you already have it
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does anyone have an idea how to get sam or someone funnier sounding for vista?
and how do you record from the one that is on your control panel?
on macs you can highlight any text, hit ctrl+click and choose the right option and it'll say all thats highlighted.
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I'd like to know this, too.
Does anyone know how to get a different voice than Anna on Vista?
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I'd like to know this, too.
Does anyone know how to get a different voice than Anna on Vista?

how do you get it in vista?
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