My friends and I have been working on making a band and we decided that we wanted to make our own songs. We're all coming up with amazing riffs easy and we already have enough lyrics written for a few songs. But we're having trouble putting the words to the music.

Any tips?
either do the guitar first, then write the lyrics or write the the lyrics and the guitar to follow, dont do both separately and try to mux them together.
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maybe play the songs, and write new lyrics to fit the existing songs? or just pull the words around a bit.
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just do straight palm muting on the verses
or just hold one chord through the verses..
so then the lyrics fit more easy... and use your 'amazing riffs' for main riffs...
take enter sandman... its just palm muted throughout the verse..
and a little bit at the end..
the main riff doesnt have any singing over it.
words are the foundation(unless your writing a instrumental), you build the music around the lyrics. especially if your playing anything heavy, the music should definitly amplify the attitude.