wait what?
thats the new GSR205FM right?
most people like mahogany and hate agathis
but i`ll try both before making a choice
besides i like the black color more than de FM
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I'd save the extra $50 for the SR305, personally. The GSRs are nice, but the SRs are much much nicer.
Mahogany is DEFINITELY worth the $50 over agathis. Agathis is a cheap tonewood, mahogany is used on higher-level basses. The tonewood is one of the most deciding factors affecting your bass' sound, and as such is important- treat it as such.
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Agathis is a cheap tonewood, mahogany is used on higher-level basses.
Not necessarily true. There are a few people on this forum that really like the tone of agathis. Also, mahogany is used on higher level basses but don't foget it's used on Gibson basses as well .

All in all though, if you don't see yourself upgrading your bass or the bass that you choose for a while, then get the FM, IMO. I'd choose the maple/mahogany combo over agathis, plus with the phat EQ and better (IMO) pups it's def. worth the $50.

- AboveTheBridge (ATB)

EDIT: I just saw your gear on your sig. Why are you buying this bass? It'd be much better to save up for a good amp or bass. Don't waste it on a bass now man.
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I am one of the biggest Ibanez fangirls on this forum, and my advice is to listen to smb and save for the more midranged Ibanez SRs if you are dead set on getting a Ibanez 5 string. The GSR205 series have some neck issues and are not basses to be bought for the long term, imho. The one I played felt slightly flimsy.
Spending the extra money for the wood... well, it really depends on which one you prefer. The thing about tonewoods is that some people like certain ones better than others, and it's all subjective. Agathis doesn't really accent anything, it's the "flat EQ" of the tonewood world, whereas mahogany accentuates the bass and low mids.