I only play in my bedroom dont need nothing to loud so whats a good amp that will make my epi les paul sound good when i get it, and my fender american strat.
not sure how much i want to spend maybe upto £500 if needed
Peavey Valve King 112, or a Roland Microcube, or a Vox AC 15
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

my gear:

Gibson LP Standard
Epiphone SG
Classical guitar
Peavey ValveKing 112
Marshall MG15
nothing will make an epiphone sound good...

the fender will sound good through a marshall or fender...
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In that price range, maybe the Vox AC15? Gorgeous cleans and blues tones.

is it just called the voxac15 or is it called AC15 CC1
i have the vox ac 15 and to get adequete overdrive (for me, i play mid-highish gain stuff- think muse, the who, white stripes, coheed and cambria etc...nothing crushing) it has to b really ****ing loud. if its just bedroom maybe look into that blackheart?
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is it just called the voxac15 or is it called AC15 CC1

There are different versions of the amp, the cc1 being a 'custom classic'. I doubt there is a relevant difference compared to other AC15's.