so i was thinking about buying some dimarzios for my strat. im almost positive i want Area '58s for my neck and middle, but im little undecided on my bridge pickup.

for the bridge i was thinking of the Virtual Solo, Virtual Vintage Blues, or Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2. I like to play stuff like John Mayer, RHCP, Led Zeppelin, and sometimes some proggy stuff like Porcupine Tree or Coheed and Cambria. which pickup would suit my needs best?

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I've never tried the ones you're looking at, but I can honestly say that my YJM and HS-2 in my Strat are the best single coils I've used so far.

Really great sounding pickups, tons of tones you can get out of them. I have a Tone Zone S in the bridge, which I really like as well and is much better sounding than any stacked pickup I've tried. When split and mixed with the HS-2 it gives this really cool chimey funk kinda sound. The YJM has a really warm clean tone to it and a really smooth lead when mixed with some gain. The Tone Zone S sounds great distorted and can easily do metal if you wanted to without anyone second guessing that you used a strat for it, but then it can also do some great lower gain stuff for rhythm, etc. When split it gets a really nice and defined sound to it. The HS-2 is kinda an inbetween between the other two in that it brings its own unique characteristics to the table. I like its clean sound the most out of the three or use it for rhythm for blues. With a 5-way selector you can get TONS of sounds out of them.

Like I said I've never tried the ones you're looking at, but if they're anything like mine they'll sound great.
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