how do u feel about the new music thats on the radio and is winning all the awards

and stuff like that?

do u like the new music, or do u perfer classic rock?
i used to listen to the radio and watch Kerrang but just got board of listing to the same out fall out boy or mcr songs all the time. Todays music is all the same to me, their might be the rare chance i like something new but thats it. I think its because music compaines are afraid to take risks and sign someone who is diffrent.

Give me AC/DC or Led Lep anyday.
i dont like 99% of the new music.

i like music where there is a clear separation of instruments, but they go well together, and there is one instrument that drives the song forward, or is the main focal point. its kind of hard to explain, but these days everything seems so mixed up and mashed together - not to say it is not musically good, its just not my taste.

the way i got into rock music was through AC/DC and Black Sabbath. i love the energy and rawness of AC/DC, and i love the riffs of Iommi that just drive each song forward. its hard to believe, but i only REALLY got into Led Zeppelin about 6-7 months ago, and i absolutely love LZ now; the drumming is so powerful and present, the guitar is in your face, and then they can completely turn around and be so intimate and so full of emotion. and the vocals are something else too.

you just don't get bands like that these days. maybe its the sheer quantity of music available today, but i think that the quality has, on average, deteriorated to such an extent that for every decent band there are 20 other crap ones that sound exactly the same as each other.

classic rock rocks.
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