Can anyone find it? i know its out there just can't find it, not on google or anything. I just don't want to buy it.
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what is this "zen of screaming"? an instructional dvd on how to scream? i need it if so.

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Well, two things: It's on several different torrent hosts - I might mention, the most popular torrent hosts even

secondly though, I didn't think it was very good. I watched maybe half of it...and wasn't impressed.
yeah i found it on Torrentz. com so try going there

I'm actually gunna download it now, thanks for reminding me.

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Don't torrent.

It's well worth the money.

Both versions 1+2.

But if you still want to torrent like a tool. try thepiratebay[dot]org
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i didnt find it that good tbh
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The first one (from what I've heard) helps with getting the technique and breathing exercises, and the second one actually teaches screaming.
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first one is not that good. didnt really help me with screaming at all. cant find number 2 but, heard its better.
Well they are both great instructional DVDs, But you won't be able to get it right the way most people say. You would get close but still not to the point. I would really recommend the first one before jumping into the second one. The first one is pretty much for all genres, not just screaming.