Greetings. I have a questions for you modders out there. Last week I came into possession of a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT-XL. Well, I did a dumb thing. I sold my current practice amp (Roland Cube 60) to my buddy without first hearing the Vox.
I assumed the XL version was similiar in sound to the previous model AD30VT (which I have used before) just with a more metal high gain sound which works for me. The tone on the XL sucks. I've verified it's working properly. So, I am stuck with it as a practice amp for a while. What I am wondering is- Can I swap out the stock 12" Vox speaker for say maybe an Celestion of some kind and get a better tone? Surely this amp can't sound THIS much worse than the original version can it? Will a new speaker help? Please say yes...Has anyone tried this mod on a Vox amp yet? Any help/comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys n gals.
You can swap out the speaker. Will it be much better? Probably not.

The Valvetronix sucks, especially when compared to the roland cube.
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yeah, I know. I'm actually kinda upset about what I've done. I miss my Cube. That amp ****ing rocked and had an awesome sounding clean channel. *sigh*
I have an AD50VT and it came stock with a celestion, so it should be fine.
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anybody have any experience with the Vox XL amp line that's positive?

not with the XL at least..

I still find the regular Vox VT series just fine for metal.. i play all sorts of heavy stuff like nile, morbid angel, vital remains..

if you pile on too much gain, everything you play will just kinda go mushy.
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I wish I would have known the XL line was a fail. I searched google and couldn't even find an adequite review. Word to the wise - DO NOT purchase the Vox XL line amp(s). The tone is terrible. This amp is barely above an MG in sound quality/tone. What a letdown. I can't believe they even wasted a tube on this mess...
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