This is a song i wrote recently. I just sorta penned it after thinking about the future and stuff. all critizmes accepted and appreciated.
Nothing of Intrest
verse 1
Sometimes i wonder what I'll Do tomorrow
I end up wasting away my day
Maybe someday I'll get to living
and start to understand the words my parents used to say

I often walk around and stare at the clouds
they just move on without a sound
And i'll burn wood and watch the smoke rise
And drift and swirl all around

Gotta move on today
Don't have time or money to give away
Gotta start living before i'm 14
Before I start to fade to grey

Verse 2
i'll chase the rainbows that appear in the spring
Though i never seem to gain any ground
i'll follow the streams that lead to the oceans
the oceans that i have never found

the wind will blow and wip thru the meadows
and I will run to try to fly
I always find I've wasted up another day
and I've done nothing thats made me satisfied


and then one day i look behind me
And see twenty years that have passed me by
Twenty years of chasing after rainbows
Twenty years of wasting my time
No one told me to get going
no one said get on out the door
no one asked if i'd live to be a million
nothing to chase after anymore

verse 3
now my life has all but ended
And I lay six feet underground
No one above me feels and sorrow
No one speaks and no one makes a sound
As I look thru and watch with teary eyes
my epitah reads "nothing of Importance"