I just picked up a new Randall RG50TC. Whenever I play it gives off a strong burning odor, as if my hair was on fire. I presume this is normal for a tube?
Haha, no dude, it's not... I'd get that checked out immediately.
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This must be trolling?

Surely you can't really think that is normal?
Do you put it on standby before turning it on?
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its probably the oil on the tubes that is burning off.

it's fine, and will go away after you've given it a good play.
my dads valve amps do.
but he uses em with his audio system.
not guitar.
The reason I asked if it was normal was because I smelled the exact same odor in Sam Ash when someone was jamming on another amp. Maybe it has to do with new amps. I'll see if it eventually goes away.
blown tubes.
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did you have the amp shipped to you? did the tubes come in a plastic wrap that you may have forgotten to take off?

if not, then get it checked to a techie.
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it could be burning dust....
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Mine does too.
I wouldnt call it burning.
but kinda like melting plastic wrap.
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Wow, a lot of uniformed responses and guessing going on in here.

Yes, it is normal, especially if the amp hasn't been played in a while or have been handled recently. The smell is a result of dust and grime that has collected on the tubes being burned off as they heat up. Perfectly normal and should go away shortly.
I get that smell on most electrical things I buy - my amp does it too. Just make sure it doesn't get very strong and it should be fine.
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Mine does too.
I wouldnt call it burning.
but kinda like melting plastic wrap.

Yeah kind of. My Orange has a very special smell to it and since it's open on the top you feel it everytime you change the settings...
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My last VK smelled like that for the first time I turned it on. I too thought it was dust or film on the tubes burning off and everything is fine. then *BLAM!* the thing blew up, smoke and all. I would get it checked out lol.

My B-52 does tick like a car's mufflers when hot and gives of a hot electronics smell after cranking it for extended periods of time, but that is normal.
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