Poll: Vegan's Swallowing.
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17 32%
14 26%
Wait, what?
22 42%
Voters: 53.
Do they swallow?

Discuss, without getting too graphic, please.
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They most definately do. You know what they're like about not letting anything go to waste etc. aswell.
No, because no one likes them.
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Swalowing means kiling sperm, spitting it out as well. So vegans don't do blow jobs I say. Therefore they can't swallow.


They swallow their carrots and lettuce......
Well....from my experience I'd have to go with...

Wait, what?
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But seriously vegans suck. So they would swallow xD
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They swallow as much as anyone else, which isn't a lot. If you actually think veganism takes a stance against swallowing then you're some kind of moron and you make me weep.
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Epic question. TheBurningFish, you just made my day.

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But seriously vegans suck. So they would swallow xD

good pun
They need protein from somewhere....


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