So i've played guitar for several months now and bass for three years and I'm looking into expanding my own style with a second guitar. I play on an epiphone les paul, and I want to keep the same sound, but also have either a whammy bar or floyd rose (preferably a floyd rose). A 24 fret guitar would be nice as well. I really hate strats, and I think tele's are ok. I don't like SG's, but I do like the double cut away idea. Could someone reccomend me a few guitars that I could go try out at guitar center? Nothing costing more than $800 U.S please.
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Edit: what the hell.

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It'll sound a little like a Les Paul, but really, they are their own guitar.
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alright i'll look into that. any other suggestions.
btw, i like your name.

EDIT: lol i didnt know thats what that guitar was called, saw it in a GW magazine maybe 2 months ago, and our vocalist loved the look. I think thats what I'm gonna get.
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