Hey guys. I recently decided to buy an Ibanez RG321. I figure considering it isn't a wallet buster I have a bit of money to spend on some new pickups if I don't like the ones in there, and maybe a paint job. The only problem is I have no experience painting, let alone painting on a guitar. How much, ballpark, would it cost to get a custom design painted on it? Is it possible to get a local artist to do the art and maybe clear coat it at home? I have no idea how paint works .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you getting the RGR321EX?

I bought one of them ages ago, and the 'Designed by EMG' pickups were absolute toss. Get yourself a nice set of passives to replace them.. I would advise against putting actives in a basswood guitar.

Painting is time-consuming, and you have to be VERY disciplined and patient. Try the 'Ultimate Refinishing Guide' for ideas.