As always, C4C

Four Missed Calls

Verse 1
Wake up in morning
Turn on my phone
But I already know
What I’m gonna see

Three text messages
And four missed calls
Well at least I know
That the world’s still spinning

Just leave me alone
You know I’ll never answer this phone
When you call it… 8 times a day

I’ll admit my mistake
One that no man should make
But the difference is
I’m moving on

Verse 2
You can’t possibly be
Very smart
It can’t be that hard
To figure out

From the clues
That you receive 8 times a day
I’m not picking up
I don’t want to ****ing talk to you


Bridge (x2)
Do do do do
Da da da da da

Bridge II x2
So when I see you
You'll see me
Stop to tie my shoe
Behind a tree

Pull my hat down
Over my eyes
I wanna leave town
Get this man a disguise!

(Chorus [cut time])


EDIT: the Do's and Da's in the bridge go with the melody of the guitar BTW.
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