I just bought a Danelectro Dano Pro reissue. It sounds great but with one problem. The toggle switch is real noisy when i move it back and forth. It makes a humming and scratchy sound when i move it. I removed the cover on the electronics and everything looks okay. Can this be fixed or do I need a new switch? Thanks.
mine's like that on my danelectro 12-string, but since i only really use the bridge pickup for a sparkly chime, i just live with it... sorry, that wasn't very useful
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do your danelectros sound really quiet when the pup selectors in the bridge position?
That's natural for a Danelectro. The pickups are wired in series, so having both on will be louder than just having one on.

And, um, probably just not a good-quality switch. get an new one and put it in.
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