Hey guys,

I've just re-read extensively the new rules to make sure I wouldn't get warned/banned for posting this. If there is a problem then I aplogise in advance and will remove it immediately.

Anyways, my school friend showed me a site a while back called My Search Funds, a UK based commercial organization. The bottom line is you get paid to search on the internet. It is completely legal. For those of you with any doubts, or people who think I'm some kinda con man just read the website faq - I'm in no way affiliated with the site, I'm just using it to make money to buy guitar gear, so I thought you guys would appreciate it too! :P

Taken straight from the site:

For the individual seeking to raise personal funds we have developed the My Search Funds service as a clear and effective method.

I just thought this would be a useful place to reccomend this site as so far I've made £20 quid just for searching as I would normally! Another £10 and I'll probably buy a new guitar strap .

Anyways, if you're interested in just making a bit of money simply for searching -

Cheers guys,
and once again I have read the rules and if there's any problems I'll take this down straight away.
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