any good Acousticy songs tuned half a step down?

I fancy learning some like In Flames-Acoustic melody and such.


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Acoustic Guitar Forum.

Just play stuff normally in standard. Everything sounds better in E flat.

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Acoustic songs by Brand New (not from latest album though)

Stuff like The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Soco Ameretto Lime, Plack Crack the Sky
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Smashing Pumpkins songs are mostly in half-step.

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there are 3 guitarist in lynard skynnard but i think that in there song "simple man" the guy who plays acoustic is useing Eb
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A lot of Nirvana stuff(unplugged).

I like "I'm Only Sleeping" - The Beatles, though....
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Some Hendrix... Stevie Ray Vaughan... Although, that doesn't really sound like you're style...

But that's all I can think of right now.
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Brand New's "Deja Entendu" is all half a step down.

have fun.
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try Guns N Roses acoustic songs eg. Knockin on Heavans Door, Civil War, Don't Cry.
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Queens of the stone ages back catalogue is nearly all a half step down,

Actually "say it aint so" by weezer yould be a good un.
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All of Alice in Chains, apart from a few drop Db songs...

Also, try some of the Down acoustic songs (Pray for the Locust, Landing on the Mountains of Meggido)

And try some Days of the New (first album, stuff like Freak, Now and The Down Town)
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REAL guitarists tune 3/4 steps down.

I prefer a whole step down.

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REAL guitarists tune 3/4 steps down.

REAL guitarists tune 83/126 steps down.

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To the TS, I suggest mabye some Iced Earth? Although not many of the songs are fully acoustic, they do have some lovely acoustic parts- Melancholy, I Died For You and the intro to Dracula especially. I believe that Revelations is acoustic- it sounds good acoustic anyhow- and When The Eagle Cries has a pretty sweet acoustic version.
I concur with Brand New, woo!

And Reuben, go for "What's Good for Me", tis a lovely tune.

Or be a real man and just play normal things but tuned down.