I'm selling my Jekyll and Hyde pedal, because it just doesn't get used at all anymore. It has just sat downstairs and laid idle ever since I got my Mark IV. I would like to only sell to the US and i would like to sell it for $100 shipped. I don't want to do any trades. I can get pictures upon request. The pedal is used but in new condition.

Thanks for looking
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i have this pedal and i love it! somebody needs to get this! Free Bump.

I had the same exact thing, but it got stolen....I completely agree that someone needs to get this....Well worth the hundred dollars....Also, another free bump....Good luck selling
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I've never personally used a metal muff, but this pedal is a really good distortion pedal. I mainly used this for my metal fix, while i had my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.
75 shipped?
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