Before i get flamed at i realize that there is an Ultimate Wah thread but whenever i post thousands of posts just bombared my post and my question never gets answered. So im truly sorry for posting lol
My friend is selling is Vox Wahpedal, its the Vox V847, i was wondering (im trying it tommorrow at school) is it good for what the chilis play like live, john frusciante and not fullly distorted just overdriven stuff? I can't really bring my amp to school to try it coz its huge and he wont lend it so im trying it through my marshal mg.
Would it go well with a big muf pi?
Oh yeah hes selling for £25-30
id say yea, most people seem to like the Vox wahs and they retail much higher than £25 so go for it if you want a wah pedal
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Great wahs. Many guitarists have used them (Jimi, Clapton (I think), and probably many more)
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well you could at least put this is in the GG&A thread that woulda been closer, and i htink vox did the the original wah pedal.
ive only heard good things about vox pedals
The ultimate wah thread gets very few posts. Most of them are bump posts or off topic. Your question wouldn't be ignored.

There's a review of it in the first post of that thread too methinks.

AFAIK it doesn't do higher gain stuff well but for cleans and slightly overdriven stuff, it's fine. It's also easy to mod so you can mod it to your needs rather than buy a new one later on.
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Vox is the original wah pedal. i've heard that Hendrix used the vox more than the cry baby. Definitely buy it, here in the states that pedal would sell for about £50. So your getting it for half price. go for it.
alright thanks, yeah its a year old but hes barely used it