i was wondering if anyone owns a dean caddillac and you could maybe tell me if its a good buy or not b/c i want one and i went to guitar center to try and play one and they said its an online thing only so they dont have them and i dont want to speend 600 dollars on a crappy guitar. i play metal and whatever else appeals to me. so please enlighten me
the flat neck of a dean, for me, makes it even faster for me, its a very comfortable neck, and the tone of any dean i've played is amazing, i own two deans myself, not the caddy, but, i can assure you if this is your tase as well, you wont be dissappointed with it.
my friend bought one and it sounds and feels pretty good but he needed to change the strings but other than that its a pretty good deal
I don't know how close to Austin you are, but there was a used cherry-burst one at a guitar shop there a few months back for $350. I'm pretty sure it was a Heart of Texas Music on South Lamar, or the shop right aropund the corner in the same plaza. Not my cup of tea, but I almost picked it up, $350 is a good price.