im thinking of getting a new guitar, and i really like the ibanez S series, but im not sure which model to get.

price range =£500-750

and i really want one with a white finish and a nice trem

so, any ideas? and if you have one please say how it plays etc

I have an S470, and i can tell you, its pretty much amazing for the money you spend on it. I'm not sure where you'll get a white one, but the trem, assuming you get the ZR, which is the S standard, is unbelievable. I love the guitar and i highly recommend it.

but on a side note about the trem, my friends tell me that it feels weird/different, but i think thats because they are used to regular floyd rose trems, or copies or whatever.
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you should get a gibson... seriously..

dont like them, to heavy and i prefer ibanez necks, plus my dad has an epiphone.
i have an s series, they are amazing guitars to play. I'd get another one if i could. Mine isn't a prestige model but it is still awesome. I dunno where you could get one with a white finish but look around there are some awesome finishes on the newer models...
oh and the bridge is totally awesome!!!

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dont like them, to heavy and i prefer ibanez necks, plus my dad has an epiphone.

gibson sg is lighter than a packet of crisps lol.
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gibson sg is lighter than a packet of crisps lol.

Wanna make a bet on that? Regardless, the S series will be lighter and in my opinion, better.
For those who care.
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Can't even compare a Gibson to an Ibanez S,, even if it is the SG, not comparison in weight and size.

Had an Ibanez S, really nice guitar, just not good for what I wanted to play at the time.

Look at Ibanez catalogues, see what models give you what colour and hardware options,
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Get the S470, I was just buying mine at about the exact same time you posted this.
When people say it can produce a huge variety of tones, they mean it. The difference between the 5 different pickup positions is huge!
Amazing for metal, blues, rock, clean stuff.

The trem is a ZR, which is very nice, so there you go, but I don't think there are any white S series guitars at all.

I bought the blue one with the quilted maple, and seriously, it's the coolest looking thing I've ever seen.
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Definitely a fan of Ibanez S - I SOLD my gibson and it's my primary guitar. Unfortunately I don't think they have any in a white finish for 2008.

The prestige finishes are quite limited to maybe 3 finishes. I'm considering buying the S5470 prestige or the new SV which looks HOT.
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Get the S520EX
I don't know about the S470
Haven't really seen it around anywhere