yeah i got a tube screamer dx and i just want to know all the purposes of it you can think of
i think it's a great pedal for that nice bluesy tone
and for once my mg actually sounds half decent
i've tried it as a boost
but it's been okay for that, not nearly as good as by itself
so any suggestions on how to use it in as many ways as you can
and also help on boosting
ex: should i put amp gain on 10 and a tiny boost or more of a 50/50 thing
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I guess put the level of the ts on 10, gain on 0 in front of your amps gain channel. I'm not sure how it would work on a solid state amp since boosts are usually used to push tubes. Honestly, i tried finding a great tone with a crappy SS amps for far too long. If I hadn't bought all the stuff I did for my crappy amp, I could have had a decent one much sooner.
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