I'm tuning my guitar using the digitech rp100a built-in tuner. In the manual they suggest to do a 12 fret harmonic to get better result. I'm not sure how to do this

Do I slightly put my finger on the cord without pressure on the cords ?

I also have 2 more questions :

First, are wall hangers safe ? Do they damage the guitar ?

I'm also wondering : My guitar is plug into my effect pedal with a
good quality cable

and my pedal is plug into my amp using a low quality cable

Should I get another of the good cable ?
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you put your finger on a STRING over the 12th fret
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First, are wall hangers safe ? Do they damage the guitar ?

Yea they're pretty safe, i have my new G-400 up on one and there is nothing wrong with the headstock aside from a few black marks on it from the rubber thing it has on.

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I dont see why the cables would make a difference, and as far as wall hangers go, almost every music shop uses them so I would assume there safe, even though I have one that sits on the ground.
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The method of tuning being suggested to you is actually a very good, very accurate way of tuning a guitar. Here's how. To perform a "harmonic" note at the 12th fret, lightly touch the string directly above the 12th fret, not just behind as though you are going to push down the string and fret it there. Pluck the string and right away lift your finger away. With a little practice, you should be able to produce a bell like tone, sort of hollow sounding. Get familiar with doing that then move on to the rest of the tuning as follows.
Perform the 12th fret harmonic at the low E string followed by the A string at the 7th fret. Both should be the same note.
Then 12th fret harmonic of A string to 7th fretted note of D string, then
12th harmonic of D to 7th fretted G, then
12th harmonic of G to 8th fretted of B, and lastly
12th harmonic of B to 7th fretted of high E.
This is a highly accurate method of tuning.