So I've narrowed it down to those two gits. Both freaking beautiful. The RG is clearly cheaper, 250 dollars cheaper, which is a lot in thought. Yet, with the SG, being over 500 dollars, you don't have to pay for a YEAR. That would make it possible for me to get it quicker.

I mostly play Modern Rock/Punk/Metalcore-ish. Well, Linkin Park, All That Remains, and Sum 41, mainly that genre of things.

In the long run which would be the better buy?

Please help D:


the ibanez will play better and be better quality. ive played a fair share of sgs, and i really wasnt impressed.

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It really depends. Apples and oranges bro. They both have different neck profiles, pickups, tonewoods and all that jazz. Try them out and see what you like.

Personally, I would go for the Gibby but whatever.
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I'd go for the SG. With that thing you can play pretty much everything.
The Ibanez would be really good for LP and ATR but I think would no work out for Sum 41-ish songs.
Personally I've played both and the whammy on that Ibanez isn't very good but the quality control on that Gibson isn't either, so go somewhere you can try both and try both and maybe a HSS Strat of some sort
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