This is the band I'm in. We are from Australia and just starting to get our butts into gear. We have our EP planned and ready to record and gigs being organised. For anyone who is into underoath, saosin and the like. Check us out and listen to our tunes

The Final Aeon
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Oooo.... very nice. Did you guys mix and master yourselves or do that at a studio? Sounds very professional.
Thanks for checking us out The songs were all done at studios. White shores was at a top dollar studio while The Answers Everywhere was done at a cheaper studio. You can really tell the difference ey :P
That I can. It's not as much the equipment the studio has, as much as it is the abilities of the producers. I think that 'The Answers Everywhere' could be fixed with minimal effort. Mind if I give it a try tonight and send it back to ya? I'm needing to perfect my mastering techniques.
Thank you bro. Check out my band in my sig? The most mastering I've had to do was with "Pissing in the Wind"... it was recorded as almost pure distortion cause I had the mic too hot... Took a few weeks to get it cleaned up, but that is what I got out of it.

I'll get the track done asap and back to you. Like the sound, keep it up.
great screaming! <x3
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It's not screamo... screaming vocals doesn't make your band a screamo band, look up the real definition of screamo, you'll then understand why I'm such a bitch about it.

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"Screamo is a musical genre which evolved from emo and hardcore punk in the early 1990s. Characteristic of the genre are screaming vocals, harmonized guitars, rhythmic bass and fast-paced riffs. Screamo has been described as "mixing the literate, poetic lyrics of emo punk with a harsher and more metallic brand of sonic thrash" as well as using screaming vocals "as a kind of crescendo element, a sonic weapon to be trotted out when the music and lyrics (every bit as evolved and autobiographically sincere as emo's were) reach a particular emotional pitch". Other than that, it is fairly hard to classify (particularly since the rule about screaming vocals is bent fairly often). In addition to that, screamo has significant overlap with other genres like grindcore and even post-rock."

Looking at that description I found, it might as well be screamo. What may have been considered screamo in the 90's is not necessarily what it has evolved into today anyway, so I don't see any point in harping on about what genre this may or may not be. They're not even professing to be a purely screamo band any how.

Aaaanyway, Nice songs guys, good for the style you where going for! (I'm not a huge fan, but good music anyway). One thing that stands out to me however is the screaming. It is indeed pretty damn ass kicking, but I can't help but feel sorry for that dudes throat. Proper training may help to minimise damage of course. Unless of course, no one cares about that lol whatever.

hehe I haven't posted anything in ages, lol
Its actually not bad. I would have fancied a couple breakdowns though. But the musics good, screaming is, well its standard screamo stuff, but not bad, singing isnt terrible either. But I like the music the best.
Hey guys thanks for checking us out. Yea i realise we arn't going to fit it to a few peoples definition of screamo but we find that most people who arn't so uppity about genres usually call us that, i would just call us a metal/rock band i guess. And about the singer, yea i don't think he cares that much about his throat. I mean he smokes alot of ciggies a day but he is vocal trained so he knows how to use his diaphragm. Thanks for the views guys

Ill try to sneak in a breakdown in the next couple of songs we are doing
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Hey thanks for that Allen, it jumps out a bit more now and sound fuller. Nice work, what exactly did you do to it? I need to know this little tricks of yours :P

Just an update. We have finally booked ourselves into Melbourne Records for our EP and are recording on the 14th 15th 16th 20th 21st of may. Should be epic
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Brilliant music guys. The screaming is awesome, but it's at the same note all the time, lol. Doesn't get deeper of higher. XD

I love the guitar work and clean vocals.
the music is great, i enjoy it... but the screaming really doesn't see, to measure up to the guitar work in my opinion, but if that's the sound u want roll with it guys

keep it up, it's nice to see a band spend a little money on their recordings
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Not a problem bro. Basically, as follows are the changes I made. Keep an eye out here on the site for an article... I think I'm going to write one.

I increased the EQ around 60Hz to give the bass drum more pop. Increased 100Hz some to give more fullness to the bass guitar. Increased around 250Hz to add fullness to the rhythm section. Then increased around 9Khz to bring the Cymbals and Snare out and to reduce muddiness.

Other than that, I added a compressor to boost the volume level to industry standard. Just play around with the eq's, it's different for every song, but you'll soon find a setting you like. I'm going to write an article on this though.

Thanks for letting me do it for ya! It was a blast.
Great stuff, I put your band in the Thread of Excellence.
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Aww awesome! Thanks alot! I just got back from the bands photo shoot so we have some pictures for our press kit and this is def good news to come back to Also thanks alot Allen, you should chuck up an article. It would be alot of help for everyone, especially home recorders
We just lost two of our gigs we had lined up they fell in on themselves. Sigh. Getting shows is hard without an EP to back us up. Maybe we should move to Cali like all bands seem to do :P
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your screamer sucks man otherwise not bad
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